Dave Haughey – Travel in Style

How to Travel in Style: The Outfit You Will Want to Wear


Animals aren’t the only ones who like to fly south for the winter. If you haven’t noticed, the cold weather has that same effect on people too. And there’s a good chance you HAVE noticed it because you clearly have a serious case of wanderlust.


But while the idea of dipping your toes in warm sand and sipping Kool Aid in a wide brim wine glass with those small bendy straws is pretty much nirvana compared to your winter routine of house-car-cubicle, the idea of being stuck in an even smaller space than your cubicle during an long flight is enough to make you want to think twice.


Fortunately, it hasn’t stopped you from packing your bags. And now you’re almost ready to do your own flying. Everything’s almost set. Now all you need is the most stylish and super comfortable clothes you will ever wear on an airplane. You can browse online for a few ideas like here but well drill down a list for you.


  1. Trust the basics, they’ve never let you down and they certainly won’t let you down now. Load up on basic v-neck cotton tees and be sure to leave one out for traveling. Ever since you were little, you’ve always loved the feel of cotton shirts. And now that you’re older they get you by whenever you need a quick change, so why should now be any different? For this epic journey go with a white v-neck shirt or a light dress up shirt with a  silver pair of cufflinks to stun people around you.


  1. People associate light colors with comfort. Light colors also always look clean and fresh. And when you’re stuck in a 14-16 hour flight, you’re going to want to at least fake that “freshness”. Go with your lightest light brown 5-pocket pants for a really fresh looking ensemble.


  1. White canvas shoes are light on your feet and won’t weigh you down. They also allow more movement. And when you’re running towards what feels like the farthest part of the airport, that’s what you’ll need. Your feet will require extra comfort for those sprints. You also want your clothes to have more versatility so choose clean white canvas shoes.



  1. Even though you’re headed towards warmer climate, it still helps to bring at least one extra piece of clothing on hand. No matter how many travels you’ve had, you can’t always anticipate what’s going to happen and because long flights can be very chilly. Always be sure to have a grey knitted cardigan at hand. It will match the rest of your wardrobe and keep you looking nice and cozy. It also serves as an extra pillow.


  1. It’s always essential to travel with a cool pair of sunglasses even if it’s a red-eye flight. That’s because there’s a big chance you won’t look as rested as you would like once you land. And you want to look camera ready for all your photos, including the ones you take while at the airport.